Kin Officers


Here's a list of all officers in the Refugees of Isengard:

Name Rank Roles Alts
Dedlock Leader HR, Day Foreman, Jack of All Trades, Instance Runner (Hard Mode runs)
Celerieniel Officer Kin Mom, Welcomer Evelwyn, Bluered, Celewyned
Elodreth Officer Instance Runner (Hard Mode runs) Enriell, Sindhal, Learwyn
Reeality Officer Jack of All Trades Fyree, Faeree
Vorand Officer Powerleveler 10-50, CTO Vorind, Naticus
Mondego Officer
Torchholder Officer Raid Leader Dagmathalion, Grimskalin
Beothborn Officer
Glendora Officer Powerleveler 5-20 Marisela
Glynriel Officer Instance Runner (Fornost) Glinlea, Glynwin, Glinkin, Faerglyn, Johnluck
Belarrien Officer Beladur, Belarwyn, Beleren, Belerra, Belirin
Salija Former Leader Retired Ajilas, Renamedsb
Mandymoore Former Leader Retired Lindsayrohan, Britneys, Kevinfederline, Kiefer, Scarlettrohansson, Charlizetherune
Gentoogod Officer Retired
Burwise Officer Retired Luxoi, Ariadia


Need help or advice with questing or leveling? These people can help out:

Level People
5-20 Leotheron, Glendora
21-30 Colmoth, Fyree (aka Reeality or Faeree)
31-40 Finnlee, Romey
41-50 Holleah, Silverkin
51-60 Dedlock, Belarrien


Here's a list of all kin roles. If you see a role you'd like to take on please give it a shot and let an officer know.

(*) denotes multiple people can take on this role


Role Responsibilities Current Leads
Jack of All Trades* Takes on all roles, doing everything and anything possible to achieve kin goals Dedlock
Second in Command Works with Leader to create and implement kin-wide strategy Dedlock
Day Foreman Oversees daily operations from noon-6PM PST on weekdays Dedlock
Night Foreman Oversees daily operations from 6PM-midnight PST on weekdays
Resource Gatherer Organizes and directs overall kin resource gathering
Lead Crafter Organizes and directs crafting of master items
CEO Oversees promotions and advancement in the kin
CFO Oversees kin finances, handles loans, and kin purchases
HR* Recruits skilled, friendly, team-oriented players Dedlock
Party Planner Organizes and runs kin parties


Role Responsibilities Current Leads
Powerleveler* Expert at quest running- provides advice or escort for quickly running through quests chains (See Powerleveler's list above)
Instance Runner* Expert at a specific instance or area- provides advice or escort for quickly running through it Elodreth (Hard Mode runs), Dedlock (Hard Mode runs), Glynriel (Fornost)
Raid Leader* Organizes and runs kin raids Torchholder


Role Responsibilities Current Leads
Kin Mom* Settles disputes, ensures kin chat is family friendly Celerieniel
Welcomer* Actively greets new recruits, introduces new recruits to the rest of the kin Celerieniel


Role Responsibilities Current Leads
CTO Oversees non-lotro technology decisions for the kin Vorand
Historian* Posts accounts of kin activities on the blog
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