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There seems to be a bit of confusion concerning the new kin cratfers policy and the role of reasource gatherers. I've had several people come to me and ask me to explain this all to them and express concerns about time to lvl vs gathering materials, and i decided a post would be the best way to go about addressing these concerns. Im going to do my best to explain what we are trying to accomplish and how it benifits everyone. Many of you are familar with crit items but some of you are not so im going to come at this from the prospective of those who are not familar with the crafting prosscess as a whole, those of you who are please bear with me.

When a tier is mastered a crafter recieves a mastery option found on a tab at the bottom of the crafting window. This option allows the use of ingredients to significately increase your critical chance. It is not the regular crafting items we are concerned with, but the crit items.
Example: a regularly crafted necklace that comes with 12 might, 12 viality and 20 power can be turned into a necklace with 24 might, 24 vialtity and 70 power by achieving a crit on the necklace. That crit necklace is far more valuable with far greater benifits to the wearer.

However, these crit ingredients are expensive and some what harder to come by than regular materials and need to be managed wisely.

How this affects you…. Wise management of our reasources allows us to make the correct and best items for your specific class, improving your over all stats and charicter playability. It also gives everyone the opportunity to recieve these very nice items. (I.E, a woodworker can get nice jewelry items that he/she cant make for themselves, or a tailor can get a nice weapon that he/she cant make for themselves, and so on and so on.) This way there is something available to meet each persons needs.
This becomes very important at the higher lvls when most will begin to raid. The better geared we are going into a raid ( I.E Moria), the better our chances for success. A poorly geared raid will have a difficult time progressing. This can be very frustrating.
Wise management of our reasources also allows for us to have the things we need when we need them. Like tools, armor, weapons, potions, food, traps, stun dust, ect the list is very large. A constant draining of our reasources accommplishes very little and leaves us all scrounging for the things we need.

Reasource Gatherers: Heres the math y'all. We have roughly about 40 to 50 active players in our kin. If 10 people donated 10 pieces of wood, that adds up to 2 stacks. 10 pieces can be gathered up in about 5 to 10 mins. Thats 2 stacks in a few mins as apposed to one person spending a couple hours farmng that same 2 stacks. Now no one is obligated to donate anything, but honestly, y'all will hand over 10 or more pieces of wood, hide or ore several times a day just helping each other out. And it's that same willingness to help each other that makes this kin so great.
The point im trying to make here is that a small contrabution made by several people makes a HUGE difference and doesnt burden anyone person for time away from lvling or deplete materials from that one person which they need to lvl thier own crafts. The call for gatherers is asking for those people that are willing to donate small amounts of what they pick up in the course of going about their daily business of questing and lvling. Those who are willing to do so would be greatly appercated.

So the bottom line here is everyone needs different things. wise management of our reasources allows us to have these things available and meet these needs. This is of benifit to each and everyone of us. Setting all this up takes alot of work at first, but once estabished will be fairly easy to maintain. And the long term benifits will be enjoyed by all.

Luv Bur

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