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Starting up a list of kin people with full radiance gear for possible 12 man runs.

Full gear:

Who Class
Mondego Hunter
Razorbow Hunter
Reeality Hunter
Glendora Hunter
Vorand Hunter
Elodreth Champion
Dedlock Champion
Mayabur Champion
Belarrien Ministrel
Lindsayrohan Captain

Almost there:

Who Class
Mandymoore Hunter
Rhyanon Hunter
Syllabeth Guardian
Muskidine Guardian
Torchholder Burglar
Geldof Lore master

Recently started (or ready to start soon):

Who Class
Stormm Hunter
Maloth Hunter
Enriell Hunter
Straken Hunter
Maratell Champion
Rawrrawrdinosawr Champion
Silverkin Champion
Durgo Ministrel
Salamay Ministrel
Romey Ministrel
Fredwine Ministrel
Balingimli Captain
Vineen Lore master

I use Durin's Folk mini blue:

It's in that pack. It's nice because it's pretty minimalist.

Here's the chance of a LOTRO lifetime (literally) - we're holding a new contest to name my Rune Keeper alt (can be dwarf, elf, or hobbit) by the release of Book 7. At that point I will choose from all names proposed and come up with a winner. I will name my alt after the winning entry and give the proposer 1G.


  • Submit entries via the forum, in lotro mail, or in live chat (but only if I'm active in the chat)
  • The entries must be received by the day of Book 7's release (release date currently unknown)
  • The name must have a celebrity tie in
  • The name can't be something I'd get banned for using
  • The name can't be taken

Bonus points for:

  • Smart LOTR tie in. i.e. the names Lindsayrohan and Scarlettrohansson are works of art
  • Not using ugly mispellings to make it unique. i.e. Hylary Duff is just an ugly name
  • Smart use of first and last name if necessary
  • Using less than 10 letters the first name
  • Tying in well with rune keepers, dwarves, elves, or hobbits (i.e. can't use a rohan variant because rohans arer human)
  • Having a title that would work well with it. i.e. Lindsayrohan of Rohan

I recommend these settings:

Under Combat Options:

Of particular importance that are probably not default:

  • Enable Skill Target Forwarding - When you select a fellowship member and attack, you attack the member's target. Similarly when you select a mob and heal, you heal the mob's target. This is useful for concentrating attacks and it helps stop you from not using spells because you don't have the right thing targeted. This is also very useful for minis in that they can target the boss and keep doing single person heal spells and heal whoever the boss is targeting.
  • Show the vitals of your selections target - Shows a small version of the selections targets vitals underneath the selection health bar. This is useful for knowing who your selection is targeting, and how much health they have. It also allows you to easily switch between your selection and your selection's target (click the target's health to switch).
  • Directional Selection Indicator - Shows a dotted line from your character to your target. This is useful for when you're taking a shared target and are not sure which direction they are. Similarly if you're looking for a fellowship member, select them and the line will guide you to him or her.

Under UI Settings:

Of particular importance:

  • Show item names - Instead of relying on flashing to show things you can click for quests, the name of the items will appear in white text above the item. This is very useful for spotting small objects.

This worked for me. I have 3 GB of RAM and run Windows XP 32 bit.

Here's the line for my operating system in boot.ini in Control Panel > System > Advanced > Startup and Recovery:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn /usepmtimer /3GB /Userva=2432

(the /3GB /Userva=2432 being the important parts)

Ditto on not me not being responsible for issues.

It has come to my attention that some of the members of the kin are experiencing regular crashes while being in highly populated areas of the game (21st, Dolven-view come to mind). Here are a few links to the official forums that describe a possible fix.

This is a fix for people with 3-4 gig of memory and 32-bit OC. Basically what this does is it frees up more memory for the game and leaves less for system processes. I have 4 gigs and i have set this to 3072 which leaves me with 1 gig for system processes. Turbine has their own solution for this, but I can hardly call turning down the settings a viable solution.

This isnt a 100% fix, it may or may not work for you, but i believe that it is worth a shot. You can always change it back if it doesnt work or if you start experiencing issues/slowdowns with other applications.

Personally, I havent crashed since I tried this, and I am not experiencing any issues outside lotro. I know that Mandy tried this fix as well, not sure if he still does but he sure seems to be crashing less.

Oh and… If you decide to do this, you're doing this on your own risk. Im gonna be not responsible for any issues you may experience because of this fix.


One of the most useful things a fellowship leader can do is mark targets with an icon. This tells the fellowship to attack that target and lets LMs and burgs mez something else that isn't marked. Because people attack the marked target and not the mezzed target, the mezzed target will stay mezzed unless someone uses an area of effect attack.

To do this, first you'll need to set a hot key to mark a target. I set the ` (unshifted ~) key to skull.

In Options, click Key Mapping. Scroll all the way down to Fellowship Target Marking. Click Skull, then press the ` key (or whatever key you want to use).

Now when you want to mark a target, select the target and press ` (or the key you bound).

If you really want to get fancy, you can bind multiple keys to icons and mark primary and followup targets. Personally I like keeping things simple and just marking whenever something dies.

Marking targets with skulls by mandymooremandymoore, 07 Feb 2009 05:07

Many have probably heard about the return of one of the 'Holy Trinity'. Salija and he's unseemly departure and the whole debaucle. Us the 'Holy Trinty' have worked it out and things are much better now. He has started his own kin in pursuit of his own vision. We welcome the 'Outcasts of Isengard' to our alliances.

Re: Kin Alliances by Pancakes8800Pancakes8800, 18 Dec 2008 03:06

If anyone has any favorite skins they like to use please post them here on this thread. I want try some new ones!!


Links for cool skins to use by IcabodIcabod, 09 Dec 2008 04:45
Re: Hello.
leviticusdleviticusd 07 Dec 2008 09:19
in discussion Off Topic / Off Topic » Hello.


The writer is local here so it's been the craze for years now. For those of you that want a Real 1st person vampire movie that makes for a good read. Try Mario Acevedo's (or something like that) trilogy about Felix Gomez…a private investigator who got turned into a vampire while serving in Iraq. The books are called "The Nympho's of Rocky Flats", "X-Rated Bloodsuckers", and "The Undead Kama Sutra". :P

I'm hoping they get optioned into a movie someday as well! :P

(The titles are alot worse that the actual stories…they are actually pretty good and aren't as dirty as they sound). :P

Good luck with the school work…that always seems to get lost in the shuffle, it seems. :-)

Re: Hello. by leviticusdleviticusd, 07 Dec 2008 09:19
Re: Hello.
Pancakes8800Pancakes8800 06 Dec 2008 05:53
in discussion Off Topic / Off Topic » Hello.

Once again a warning I might be gone for a little bit. I got into the book series Twilight. (I am halfway done and expect to be done by tuesday or wednesday with the whole thing) I also have finals coming up and I just picked up Prince of Persia that came out. So I hope to get on soon, but I should really focus on schoolwork for a bit. Love you guys!

Cel ~Kin mom~

Re: Hello. by Pancakes8800Pancakes8800, 06 Dec 2008 05:53
Pancakes8800Pancakes8800 25 Oct 2008 19:49
in discussion Off Topic / Off Topic » Hello.

Figured I would say hey and I know I have been around for like a week. Got busy with everything and dealing with a littl bit of depression.

I also have Fable 2 now. So I have been playing that. My gamertag for 360 is Pancakes8800 again for those who have one and maybe want ot send me a friend invite. I've been mosly trying to catch up with my school work a bit and cleaning house and dealing with drama and hanging out with some firends to have fun and cheer up. I hope to hit up LOTRO sometime this week and see you guys soon! I love you guys!


Hello. by Pancakes8800Pancakes8800, 25 Oct 2008 19:49

I dont think they're gonna change anything. It's most likely gonna become a new Fornost. You wont go there unless u're helping someone. If anything its gonna be even easier. One reason for that is b/c there simply would not be any reason to go there. Right now rift is the place to get some uber-gear. Since in MoM armour level increases like 3 times, the only reason you would wanna rift gear is to just improve your current gear for the time being, just like the regular quest rewards.

Re: The Rift Raid by ElodrethElodreth, 22 Oct 2008 22:06

We're having a new contest in honor of our vast number of low-mid level 40 players.

The first hunter and first non-hunter to reach 50 and claim your prize (via LotRO mail to Mandymoore) will win unbound versions of the following prizes.

Hunter's Prize

Mandymoore's bow, North-Wind:

Non-Hunter's Prize

Lindsayrohan's Necklace, Ithilur:

Sweet thanks for the info Elo!

Yeah we'll definitely organize a rift run in a few weeks. I wonder if they'll up the mob levels so it won't be complete cake when people go with with 60s.

Re: The Rift Raid by mandymooremandymoore, 22 Oct 2008 21:03


So I've been working on crafting lately and in order to advance to master metalsmith I need a lot of dwarf-iron ore.

Now, if you have any dwarf-iron ore that you dont need/want, Im willing to trade it for hides.

It takes ~1 hour for me to farm 6 stacks of Sturdy hides. Pristine take a bit longer.

So my offer is 3 stacks of sturdy hides for 1 stack of ore, or 1 stack of pristine hides for 1 stack of ore.

If anyone wants to help me out here, pls let me know.

Trading Hides by ElodrethElodreth, 21 Oct 2008 20:39

Once you kill a boss you get access to a chest which holds various goodies and gems. You can exchange gems for armour in the rift outpost (1 gem for 1 piece of armour). Each chest contains one (sometimes 2) gems, so to make sure one person doesnt get all of the gems during the run, most raids allow only one gem per run. That is, if you won the first gem, you dont get to roll on the next ones.

The last zone I've been to so far.

And here is where we wiped.

I was lucky to get in a pretty good group, but in all honesty the rift is not that hard. With a good group it can be done in 3-4 hours (thats what I've heard).

So when we get more lvl 50s in the kin we can definitely organize a kin rift run.

Re: The Rift Raid by ElodrethElodreth, 21 Oct 2008 20:27

Bad pull ;(

The second boss. This boss was probably the easiest one.

The area with the flying drakes.

The third boss.

Those two green drakes fly up if you dont finish them up in time. If this happens, you need hunters to get them.

Re: The Rift Raid by ElodrethElodreth, 21 Oct 2008 20:11

Hey everyone,

I thought I'd post some of the screenshots I took during my rift run last weekend. Here we go…

Our rift run started in Rivendell with the Hope buff. I dont know exaclty what triggers it, but I think it has something to do with the balrog. So if you hear someone in Rivendell yelling something about activating a "rog chain", come to Glorfindel to get +3 Hope buff which lasts 3 hours.

The first thing you see once you enter the instance.

The first boss. All of the bosses I've seen so far are Arch-Nemesis. Regular mobs are Elites & Elite Masters.

Three Hero giants fighting 4 or 5 Nemesis orcs. You really dont wanna be in the middle of this.

One of these giants up close.

To be Continued…

The Rift Raid by ElodrethElodreth, 21 Oct 2008 20:02
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