Kin Position Benefits

The following benefits are based on your position in the kin. If you'd like to advance your position in the kin, follow these guidelines. The benefits listed below are cumulative (i.e. members have both recruit and member benefits).


  • Access to:
    • Kin house (but not chests)
    • Kin chat
    • Wiki and forum access (see here)


  • Access to:
    • Kin house chests
  • Free stuff in kin house chests


  • Access to:
    • Officer chat
    • Kin house decoration
    • Officer house chest access
    • Wiki administration
  • Direct recruiting (non-officers can recruit friends, but an officer needs to send the invite)

Leveling Benefits

The kin encourages advancement by rewarding you when your characters reach the following levels:

Minimum Level Reward Notes
35 Official kin hat Our official hat is a green sombrero with a giant feather. It's an outfit item called "Brimmed Hat" and should be located in a kin house chest. Whenever you're questing with the kin, switch to the hat outfit so that everyone knows you're a Refugee.
40 Ultimate armor set If you and at least one other kin member reaches level 38 or higher and you both have 3-4 hours free, an Officer will take you on a Echad Candelleth run for ultimate armor. This armor is better than 95% of the level 50 armor at the AH. There are sets for light, medium, and heavy armor wearers.
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