About Us

The Refugees of Isengard is a Lord of the Rings Online (lotro) kinship on the Brandywine server. Salija, Mandymoore, and Celerieniel founded the kinship in May 2008. Since this humble and recent beginning, we've expanded to over 60 active members spanning over 240 alts (as of February 2009).

Our Charter

When we started this kin, our initial goal was to make the lotro experience as fun as possible. The way we do this is several fold:

  • Rewarding helpful kin members with promotions
  • Running frequent kin fellowships and instance runs
  • Sharing extra loot and crafted goods
  • Having a laid-back, family-friendly, kin chat
  • Hosting ridiculously lavish parties with huge monetary prizes

Our Goals

Our on-going goals:

  • Find and recruit skilled, friendly, team players
  • Welcome new members
  • Establish a community of sharing and helpfulness
  • Help players of all levels achieve their personal lotro goals

Our goals for the future:

  • Run kin raids and moor runs
  • Organize a monster play team
  • Host a Rank 10 party with 10G in prizes
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